Debra Saenz Pickert – Lawton, Oklahoma

Debra Saenz Pickert – Lawton, Oklahoma

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This piece of garbage had a 4 month affair with my piece of crap husband while working for a government contract. She actually believes she’s not a homewrecker because he looked her up. She knew he was still married and had children. Also, she’s still married. She doesn’t know how to do anything except play bingo, shoot pool and lay on her back freely. This isn’t the only married man she’s had an affair with. Then last September after my husband (Billy) got fired and came home, I found out he was just home to save up money just so he could leave us and go be with her. We have been married for almost 28 years, 20 years in the military. I’ve been a loyal, faithful wife to him. I couldn’t have sex very often due to cancer. Last week he finally left us. She knew and encouraged him to not only leave his children, grandson and me. He also left behind his aging 94 year old mother, whom has mini strokes almost on a weekly basis. She doesn’t work and mooches money off him all the time. All she does is use him for a taxi and pays him in sex. She has no morals and values and has a black heart. Billy Joe Claggett is also a homewrecker too.

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  1. TommyGirlFebruary 13, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Lady your man looked this woman up. You say it right up there. She is right. He knew he was a married man. He knew what he was doing was wrong. You say it up there he was leaving you for her. He chose her over you. Post him. Your mad at the wrong person.

  2. Super nova empathFebruary 4, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Your husband sounds like a selfish narcissist. Sorry for your pain. These kinds of people dont care how they hurt you.