Dennis Archambault Womanizing Narcissist

Dennis Archambault Womanizing Narcissist

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This is Dennis. He’s a lying narcissist that uses women for games and his entertainment! He toyed with me for a YEAR all while having a gf! He made promises to see me and to have a life with me and every time I called him out or even hinted at him lying he would get indignant and I would back down thinking it was my own insecurities from my past. But in reality, he was just lying. The gf found out he was talking to me and Dennis downplayed everything with me, telling both of us that he and I were just friends and he didn’t owe me anything! All a LIE! He made me feel bad for doubting him when it actuality I was RIGHT!!!! And this whole time, his gf made up some fake police report about me supposedly harassing her. I never did!! Dennis manipulated the situation over and over again, his track record has women tolerating his crap for a few months and then breaking it off with him. But none of that matters because he always has someone lined up waiting!!! So women of New Bedford watch out. This sociopath will not care about you or anything other then what’s between your legs!!!

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