Devin Davis — Buffalo, Oklahoma

Devin Davis — Buffalo, Oklahoma

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This man was perfect in the first two months of our relationship, after I had my baby he stared being really possessive and verbally abusive and telling me I was a shitty mother and didn’t deserve to have children. He is a trucker who cheated constantly and Everytime I tried to leave would beat me until I couldn’t walk, or tried to kill me. He tried to keep my baby and refused to let me leave with her. I finally got out and put him in jail, but now he is out and trying to have women hurt me and his family take my daughter from me. He has random people message me to tell me I’m worthless, disgrace, and deserves to die. If anyone would like to give their opinion his number feel free to explain what a horrible man he is. Im doing this to warn in woman in the Oklahoma state to beware.

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  1. Fun_policeNovember 12, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    Someone please introduce this girl to birth control since she has 5 kids and lost custody of 4 it’s obvious she doesn’t need anymore kids and needs to be committed to a mental hospital

  2. Courtney Jones is a disgusting personSeptember 29, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Courtney poisons every man shes ever been with. She is the abusive one both mentally and physically. She pushes and pushes until whoever she is with finally snaps and reacts to what shes doing. Shes not capable of holding down a job, nor does she feel the need to because she latches on to every man and feeds off of him financially until shes gotten all she needs. She is a terrible mother with 5 children, 1 of which she holds custody of and that’s only because the court hasn’t gotten involved….yet. This woman is unfit to have children and I feel bad for the next man that falls into her trap. As always, she decided to ruin someone elses life because she knows hers is falling apart. Shes put some poor person on this website because he was bold enough to utter the words, “you’re a bad mom.” Let’s be real. She doesnt actually WANT these kids. She just wants the way it ties the men in her life to her.

  3. Just someone who knows the truthSeptember 28, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    But yet you really are a worthless mother who could never accept responsibility for your actions that caused everything you ever had to fall apart. This man is just another casualty of people you have destroyed for your personal benefit COURTNEY stop blaming people for your own problems and take care of the 1 out of 5 kids you have for the time being

  4. This bitchSeptember 28, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    You ARE a bad mother. If you were a good mom then you wouldn’t have lost custody of 4 of your 5 children. Take some responsibility for your actions instead of putting everyone else on blast when they tell you the truth that you dont want to hear.

  5. SupermanSeptember 28, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    Yeah this is a bunch of shit she is abusive to kids has five lost 4 due to injury and neglect this guy bought a car so she had a ride for her baby bought everything for the baby while she’s taking pills and breast feeding the baby to the point the baby was likea lifeless doll this guy works 70-100 hard hours a weeks while this woman was stealing his money to support her pill habbit this guy givr a place for her and baby stupidest tthing this. Guy done was sign the birth certificate on the baby trying to protect her this guy did admit too hitting her twice in the arm but it was because she put coffee hot milk in the babies mouth then was going to sleep and had this woman in his face he asked her to get out of his face 3 times called her a crazy f****** worthless Cunt so she hits him in the face twice and he hit her to get her off of him

  6. None ya businessSeptember 28, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    Ladies DON’T BELIEVE THIS POST!!!!!! SHE IS CRAZY AS EVER!!!! Let’s find out what really happened to her oldest 2 children????? THIS GIRL IS EVIL EVIL ANY MAN SHOULD RUN FOR HIS SAFETY AND HIS CHILDREN SAKE!!!!