Edith Mae Clark — Trucking Slore

Edith Mae Clark — Trucking Slore

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My husband began over the road trucking in May 2018, about a month after we got married. When he began his new job, he joined multiple groups on Facebook with other drivers. I noticed that one lady, another trucker of the same company, seemed to talk to him a lot and not really anyone else. About 6 months after we were married, I had a “feeling” and went with it. He became hostile towards me & threatened to divorce me if I ever asked about her. Well, I went the lengths & started tracking his phone, on top of googling her address. One morning, I watched as the tracker pulled into her address. I called to “ask him” where he was at and he assured me he was dropping off a trailer. When I called him out, he blocked my number but I was still able to track him & he stayed at her house for about 24 hours. Turns out, not only did they fuk around but they planned on teaming and she had moved her sh1t onto his truck. I think the thing that really pissed me off the most was the fact he came home to watch our kids while I went to work on his ‘home time’ & I later found out he sent her pictures of OUR kids, as If she was EVER going to meet them or something. Anyways, a month after that he came crawling back when he found out she is currently abusing heroine. I thought about reporting her to DOT but I don’t have any physical proof. It peeves my soul because yes he screwed up too, but she knew just by Facebook he was a married man with two young kids at home, but she didn’t care. I’ve always felt like women should carry themselves on a higher pedestal and have more respect for one another but I know now that’s not reality. He ended up dropping her crap off at the nearest work terminal for her to pick up and put back on her own damn truck. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a home wrecker until I had a home wrecker in my own life. She thinks I’m crazy— “nuts” rather. But I’d rather be nuts than a woman known to be a slore.

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