Egle Adomaityte Leamington’s Alka-Seltzer Status digging H0e

Egle Adomaityte Leamington’s Alka-Seltzer Status digging H0e

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Ok let’s start with this girl really thinks her sh1t and [email protected] smells like roses. Just watch and see how this hoe walks ! Egle and her sister Brigita have pretty much slept with all of Essex County’s who of who’s. If you got status , Egle and Brigita will come to you to say hello , no need to go to them , and if they can use you to get ahead then rest assured your getting laid that night ! Just don’t be surprised when their underwear comes off when you yank on the pants! Both sisters love the party, you’ll need this boys and it’s worth it. Sex is way better with Egle when she’s high . Egle has been dating nothing but Pepsi head’s for the last 10 years and she been going on 4 years with the biggest one in town. Egle you looked just fine with extra weight , now your skinny like a toothpick. Keep painting that face girl !

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