Elida Zapata — Elida Does RSY!

Elida Zapata — Elida Does RSY!

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ELIDA GONGORA ZAPATA! This nasty worthless piece of trash worked in a manufacturing facility on 3rd shift where MY husband was her supervisor. She’s 23 years old and recently lost her father and grandfather. Therefore, looking for a “father figure” she set her eyes on MY 48 year old husband. She would make small talk with him at first and because she was the only Spanish speaking person in the plant at night, they spent a lot of time together using her as the translator for other non English speaking employees. Or so that was their excuse. Eventually he cracked the door and once he did, she went all the way in! Following him around all night long at work, sitting in his office with him and throwing herself on him! They even found places in the plant to get all twisted up and have their hands and lips all over each other. Mainly behind the machines on her job in the department she worked in. Goes to show just how nasty she is and the lack of self respect because the plant is dirty and nasty just like her! Despite the rumors and gossip about her and MY husband and me confronting her, she pushed it further! She added him on Snapchat where they exchanged 577 messages between the two of them. Arranged a meeting outside of work where this b1tch put a hickey on MY husbands neck for me to see! Once I confirmed the rumors and could prove they were an item, I went in! I called her and her fiancé who also happens to be a supervisor at the same manufacturing facility only to get a whole denial from her! I then pulled out the messages and BOOM, him and her were busted! I proved all the physical contact between the two of them as well as all the sexting! Despite knowing that we have a two year old that MY husband comes home to every morning so I can go to work, she still would ask him what he was gonna do when he got off! Really?!?! Not you!!!! None the less, I terminated her because I am the HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER there and I can do that!!! Brave, huh? I can promise you that she messed with the wrong persons husband when she looked at mine twice! Ha!!!! She has yet to face me and admit her wrong doings. That just proves her immaturity! A real woman would have been owned up to her dirt but not this little nasty cow! So far her job is the only thing she’s lost! When the time is right, she and I will talk! Patience is a virtue! She will pay for the embarrassment that she’s caused me as well as the hurt that I’ve endured because of her slorish actions! She is definitely a home-wrecker and I hope everyone that knows her sees this! What ya do in the dark will come to light! Especially if you’re doing it with MY husband! 💋

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  1. MeMarch 30, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    She’s really hot

  2. MeMarch 30, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    She’s hot