Emily Jenkins — Midland City, Alabama

Emily Jenkins — Midland City, Alabama

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Emily Jenkins has been unfaithful to her husband since the morning after her honeymoon when she went out with another man. She has had numerous affairs and continually lies to her husband, claiming she is just friends with the guys she is actually committing adultery with. She relentlessly seeks attention from other men besides her husband, continually sending other men flirty messages and complaining about her husband to them so they will feel sorry for her and give her attention and sex. It doesn’t matter to her if men are in relationships or married. She has no restraint, no respect, no morals. She is untrustworthy and extremely sneaky. She deceived two close friends while she was sleeping with their husbands. Her husband finally busted her when he hired a private investigator to catch her cheating with her best friend’s husband. Ladies, this is a person you do not want to be friends with. She is a poison everywhere she goes. She has no filter, no integrity, and will do anything to feed her selfish, lustful ego. Respect and decency mean nothing to her. She places no value on honoring her marriage vows or respecting her friends. Her decisions revolve only on fulfilling her selfish ego, no matter who she disrespects or crushes to get what she craves. Her behavior is repulsive and her reputation is vile, completely lacking genuine concern for anyone except herself.

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