Erica Berry loves to sleep with married men

Erica Berry loves to sleep with married men

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Erica Berry sleeps with married men, coworkers, men who have a baby on the way with their wife/girlfriend. Most recently she homewrecked the marriage of her sons football coach. She and the coach even went on a cruise together that Erica’s husband paid for her and their kids to go on. They are both lower than an ants d1ck. Her married football coach boyfriend still hooks up with his wife behind Erica’s back. Erica has been sent proof, but she’s so pathetic and stupid that she doesn’t care. She deserves to be cheated on and done dirty though, so oh well. Erica will always be getting sloppy seconds from him. He even told his wife she was prettier than Erica and never once stands up for her when his wife talks sh1t about her. Everyone loves to think Ryan just loves Erica so much, but he’s doing her just as dirty as he did his own wife. Erica, enjoy those sloppy seconds and thirds girl! You aren’t worth a man who’s faithful to you because you are a piece of sh1t trash hoe. You’ve done your own husband dirty and now you’re getting yours too and we all just laugh and laugh and laugh about it (when we aren’t laughing at how flabby you are, how lame you dress and your total lack of style, or how many pounds of makeup you have to spackle on to hide the fact that you legit look like a farm animal).

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  1. Nof**ksgivenMarch 23, 2019 at 11:26 am

    I really hope that all these wives/girlfriends that are being cheated on and are either staying with their husbands or becoming their cheating husbands side b*tech after their husbands have choicen their side b1tches dont have daughters of their own. I was cheated on while married and my now ex husband is still with his side b1tch and cheats on her regularly. Not with me never again with me. I have told him that I do not want my daughter around his woman at all because not only is she a slore that broke up a marriage and took a father away from his daughter, she allows her man to f**k random women on a regular basis. I dont want my daughter to be influenced by that kind of woman. Not only does she wreck homes but she obviously has no self respect for herself. That is not the kind of woman I want my daughter to become. This slore also asked if we could be friends 5 years ago about 6 years after she broke up my marriage and home. I told her and my ex that me and her would never be friends and the exact reasons why. I told them they are both sh*tty people with no morals or family values. My daughter talks to her dad regularly but does not EVER stay at his house and when they go out and do things he NEVER brings his used to be side b1tch around my daughter. He NEVER brings her to my daughter’s birthday parties or anything. It’s a good thing because I would introduce her to my family as the slore that she is. She knows this so she leaves me and my daughter alone. I like it that way. She is a waste of space and lower than scum scum and has absolutely NOTHING to offer my daughter. I want my daughter to learn strength, self respect, self love and selflessness. That is NOT what that slore is.

  2. Amy BMarch 12, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Technically, she’s not getting cheated on because that’s his wife 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Queen B.March 12, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Oh…you described Vivian Rafael from Santa Ana. She opens her legs anywhere for anyone if you as much as smile at her.

    She intentionally ruins relationships by stalking and throwing herself on the guys/coworkers/friends husbands or partners!

  4. MeMarch 12, 2019 at 10:56 am

    What makeup? Flabby? She sure doesn’t look like a farm animal nor fat…hmmm.
    By the wording use here, seems like it’s Ryan’s ex-wife or wife (if not divorced yet) that wrote this…. too much anger/jealousy/hate up in here.
    ***No one deserves to be cheated on. If one is not happy in their marriage, then leave. Don’t go on looking for someone to make it worth leaving, just leave****
    —not defending anyone because everyone is wrong, Erica, Ryan & his wife (or ex-wife) Revenge is not the answer—-