Erik Collins — Pathological Liar

Erik Collins — Pathological Liar

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Erik and his new gf started seeing each other while he was married. While we don’t blame just her, husband is more to blame. He is a pathological liar, cheated on his first wife and then abused recent wife, his new gf Megan defends him and continues to be with him regardless of a warning to break free. They both deserve each other. She was told to run, instead she ran into the arms of this toxic man. Stupid girl. This man is very toxic and an alcoholic, this girl is just sad and blind to see what’s in front of her face! He will do same to her

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  1. VictoriaMarch 24, 2019 at 10:17 am

    I just want to make it abundantly clear I am Eriks wife and I DID NOT create this page. Yes he did have an affair. Yes I did say a lot of those things stated above to his mistress out of emotional distress (as most woman would when finding out about cheating) BUT I would never create a page about him, not even in anger. Erik and I are still together and working very hard to keep our marriage together. So to whoever created this. Move on. Let us live and love.