Gemma mitchell — HOME WRECKING SLAG

Gemma mitchell — HOME WRECKING SLAG

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This absolute obese beast took advantage of my husband when he and my self were going through a rough patch. To be honest I didn’t think it was that bad. They both fully intended on meeting up for casual fun and when this fat tramp realised she wasn’t getting to keep my man she then decided it was best to send me multiple screen shitts or very horrible and difficult to read messages going back and forth between my husband and her self even on Christmas day when it’s meant to be all about family. This affair started 6 weeks after my second cesarean so only half way through the recovery period. All of which this dangerous piece of sh1t knew about. Sitting thinking she’s won a Rolex watch when really mate you’ve got a fuking stop watch and the time ran out you fat sloth looking fuker. This evil nasty literally piece of nothing will deffo do this again 1000000% so if your man knows her tell him to keep well back, she will use her what she calls tits but truthfully when she doesn’t wear a bra under her dress you can tickle her nipples from the floor. She stinks of dog but I guess that’s because she is one. Her fanny actually looks like a burger you’ve dropped on the floor and stood on before you picked it up again. She needed surgery for her face before it even looked half alright and well to be honest again it never even worked hahaha. Anyone think they can tame this Dragon because honestly I wouldn’t ride this b1tch in to the battle.

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