Giuliana Hantz — Harbor Hog

Giuliana Hantz — Harbor Hog

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This nasty, blown out, pig Giuliana Hantz needs to be called out. You can find her anywhere in knox and possibly Lincoln county. Her natural habitat is the bar. While her 4 kids are with legal guardians due to her being a selfish fuk up. She will brag about fuking your fiance to everyone she knows. Then when called out has no spine to stand her nasty cvm dump a55 up, and own up to her sh1t. She like any other homewrecker thinks it’s all a big joke. So while I sit home with our kids, pregnant with another. She sinks her claws into her prey. Then invites his selfish, heartless, drunk a55 back to “cuddle”. Leading to more than one good fuking lay in the course of two weeks.

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  1. TommyGirlMarch 25, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    Omg you already have children with this man. You are pregnant yet again and he is cheating on you on what should have been the best time of your relationship. Post him he obviously doesn’t love or respect you.