Gloria Byrne — Dont let her “social stature” fool you

Gloria Byrne — Dont let her “social stature” fool you

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So, this female has a tendency to pick up married men, buy them off with her dead husband’s life insurance money and then attempt to flee the country when her dead beat new boyfriend gets hit with alimony and child support from the family he abandoned. He is a former chiropractor who went to prison for tax evasion…..(imagine that). Gloria’s entire family has turned their backs on her because of her recklessness and foolish antics. She uses her money to buy her way into peoples lives, then, when they don’t do exactly what she wants, she sues them for money they never asked for. This is not her first married man, nor will it be her last. She loves attention from men…, white, single, married, of age, minors……etc…… She’s a major alcoholic and has a huge pill problem that she tries to deny to her family/friends. She has used drugs and alcohol to lure teenage boys to her house to “hang out” while she attended “glow raves” with these minors. She’s like 60 years old and running around with children to feed her ego. So, in closing, ladies of Baldwin County, look out for this slore. She’ll come off as a nice person and be screwing your husband before you know it.

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