Gracie Davidson — Fort Worth, Texas

Gracie Davidson — Fort Worth, Texas

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This little 18 year old girl has taken my sons father from him! Me and Beto (my sons sperm donor) started f*cking this trash when I was 6 months pregnant. She KNEW I was pregnant and wouldn’t let me talk to him. She’d answer his phone or break his phones so I couldn’t keep in contact. Well, she poked holes in their condoms and got pregnant. Now they have a daughter. Adorable little girl. Well; I’ve called, texted, Facebook messaged etc to get ahold of my sons donor and no response. I’ve met up with them once before and she got her panties in a wad bc me and donor were outside talking by ourselves. ? She will NOT let my son come around my donor. He’s messaged me saying he’s gonna leave a couple of times so he can be in my sons life but, I’m not gonna hold my breath. She’s trash. Who would intentionally keep a man from their kid? I know he plays his part but I was with this “boy” for 7 years and this just isn’t like him. If you see this little girl, let her know, her “step child” is fatherless because of her trash ass. Please make this little bitch cry like my child will be crying one day knowing a bitch was more important than him.

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