Halaya Harper — Saturday sloot

Halaya Harper — Saturday sloot

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This is Halaya Harper. Back in September of 2015 she started hanging out with my other half. I actually didn’t find out about her until October of that year. He said they were just coworkers and had only hung out once to go fishing. Mind you I was a surrogate at the time and he wouldn’t let me on the boat. I confronted her about everything and she refused to even talk to me. Instead she went to get a no contact order because apparently she is scared of someone who’s 6 months pregnant. He lied and said he had to work New Years that year but instead was out at the bar with this sloot. Everything from what I knew had gone back to normal with us. We bought a house and have been fine. Well on September 1,2018 he went to this b1tches birthday cookout where she introduced him to everyone as her boyfriend. Mind you we still have a house together. Come to find out they “hang out” every Saturday for any where from an hour to two hours, while I am at work. So she has now turned into a Saturday booty call. She claims that she and him will be together as soon as our son graduates in 2021. Mind you he is 36 now and she is 26. So she is waiting to see if he decides to leave his family in two years for her. She has extremely low self esteem to continue being this mans weekend side piece. Especially since we live in a town fully of plenty of single men, being we are at one of the biggest marine Corp bases on the east coast. So people be aware of this sloot she is completely ok with breaking up a home because god is okay with it. Or so she thinks.

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