Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark

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24-yo employee seduces married wealthy man (he’s 58-yo). She has 2 children with no daddies and is looking for someone to take care of her. She seduced a man (who was away from family for job) and continued the affair until they were caught. Hannah sent the wife photos videos messages to prove the husband was divorcing the wife. She blackmailed the husband (well she tried) for $10k plus $2k in monthly income. The man did not leave his wife, in fact he wants his marriage to work more now than ever. Hannah continues to harass the ex-lover, his wife and through social media has involved his children. She is intent on ruining a family that has been a strong unit for 28-years.

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  1. ElliFebruary 26, 2022 at 6:44 am

    Oh dear. It doesn’t work like that. All children have daddies, only you were not told who these people are. Why would you even be told, though?