Harley Tipton — Richmond, Kentucky

Harley Tipton — Richmond, Kentucky

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Meet this semi toothless crack whore from Richmond KY… She prowls on Facebook for men that will give her a ride, Cigarettes, Food, or money!! She tried that shit with my man.. Hell knowing my man he probably took her up on that offer.. He will screw anything that has tits and walks upright!! Beware ladies… Check your mans Facebook make sure she isn’t offering a blowjob or a free STD for a ride!!

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  1. DoItRightApril 8, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    “Probably”??? She probably oozed his junk for HOURS… He would have had to be pretty F**KING DESPARATE to dishonor his d1ck enough to force it into the cavern between that porksters HAMS.