Haylie Vigil — Pheonix, Arizona

Haylie Vigil — Pheonix, Arizona

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Oh boy, well after 4 years of marriage and 2 little girls. My husband told me of Haylie Vigil, his new boss at taco bell, he would giggle and flirt and when I brought it up… would say things to make me cry and feel like I might be over reacting. But my gut said otherwise. I found texts in his phone about sneaking out to see her, or telling me he is taking extra shifts so they could be together. Well, one day he comes home and says “I don’t love you anymore, haylie is moving in with me I need you out.” So he kicks me and our two girls out with no where to go. She knew we were married, hell even had conversations with me and would flirt in front of me with him. After a few months I let the kids go visit, and now he refuses to give them back because SHE says she wants a family. Needless to say, she would give him everything from weed, pills, extra hours, money just so he would be with her. She destroyed a happy home because of jealousy.

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  1. YoureadirtybitchAugust 26, 2018 at 2:37 am

    Funny how the 15 comments that were posted in support of this “homewrecker” are gone. It’ll be funny when she takes legal action against you for harassment. Especially when you chose to end your marriage and give your kids back to their dad and SHE’S the one who stepped up to help raise them well you went off to raise the kid you got pregnant with less than 2 months after your separation. You should be thanking her for loving those girls as much as a parent would and for providing for them as such. The fact that you continuously choose to harass her knowing that she’s the person raising your kids just shows how selfish you are. But you know what they say. Misery loves company.