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Ladies around Rancho Cucamonga, she works in Chino Hills as an Audiologist, please beware of this Professional, (like she calls herself), Heather Jean Rudin Hopping, she wrecked my 17-year relationship. She said she didn’t know about me, that my ex (Ramon Gutierrez) told her that I was his crazy ex-girlfriend and that we were broken up since February 2018. Which is bull because I never left, we been living together for 16 years and have never separated. I had access to his social medias and had this witch blocked. I would reply to messages she would send him, letting her know about me. She didn’t care, she would just send me laughing emojis. She has 3 daughters, that I hope her husband, cause she’s still married, takes them from her. She’s a bad example of a mother. Bringing random guys around them. I can’t believe women like her exist. Hurting families, and it seems like she enjoys it. Like it turns her on hurting wives/girlfriends. When I found out about her, I contacted her asked her to stay away that me and my partner were going to try to work things out. According to her she was going to block him. Of course, she couldn’t. Less than a month later I find out that she’s back in the picture. I find out that she was married, been separated for 3 years because she was caught cheating with 2 married men. So not only did she wreck her home but 3 others. She sure is a Professional, but a professional cheater. Of course, she makes herself the victim. I don’t only blame her I blame my POS ex as well. Didn’t have the balls to end our relationship before he started this one with this garbage. All of a sudden, he thinks he’s a Casanova. Please a-hole get over yourself, has a $35,000 credit card debt. And she’s going thru bankruptcy. He’s over here thinking, “oh I found myself a good suga momma”. They are made for each other. Right now, they are happy, wait until she gets to really know him. He’s trash just like her. I know karma will get him good with this one. Too bad I won’t around to watch. She claims to be a good Christian; good Christians don’t ruin families. Sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense, I’m very upset as I’m typing this.

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