Heather Lynn Trichel — Florence, Missouri

Heather Lynn Trichel — Florence, Missouri

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So, this girl Heather Lynn Trichel has been married 4 times and is still currently married to the 4th one and already has 4 kids yet doesn’t have sole custody of any of them. She has moved on to her next victim who is also still currently married to his wife. They both walked away from their families and moved into a house together while leaving a trail of bills and heartache in their paths. I do know that the one she is with now serves in the military as does his current wife by reading some of their Facebook posts. Interesting enough he is about to deploy and she has everything of his so I’m willing to bet she is in it for the money and what she can gain. They should both feel guilty as they claim God put them together and this is what they truly believe. All I can say is hope he has something to come home to cause I know that she uses men and spits them out just to move on to the next victim so hope he is ready to have nothing when he comes home is all I can say. She has become very good at walking away here past and friends have proven this one.

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