Hope Bailey/ Johnathan Weaver — DRD WALKING DEADBEATS(PLEASE READ)

Hope Bailey/ Johnathan Weaver — DRD WALKING DEADBEATS(PLEASE READ)

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For starters these too are one of the nastiest walking people on earth. Jonathan Weaver is a woman using / beating DRDS walking Dirt bag. He gets girls pregnant an doesn’t take care of none of his kids. He has 4 now an is the worst deadbeat ever. He has cheated on people with his own family members. Now she is a young girl who looks the age of a 50 year old with her hair loss. She was so ok with getting a DRD you can’t ever get rid of then end up pregnant from him. He has put his hands on her an left many bursies on her. I have know him for so many years. They have a Facebook page. She thinks he will be faithful haha never will. He is a worthless dog. Been in prison his hole life while getting it up his ass. Yea. Please stay away from them. They are nasty trash an will claim to be clean but paperwork says diff ooo an also when you got it from the EX Jessica Quicknsall who was also fuking the whole town of shelbyville. Stay clear from them an your good.

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