How do you tell him to go away?

How do you tell him to go away?

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One of my first long term relationships when I was a late teen was with a very kind fellow. For me he was a port in a storm. I thought he was what I wanted but it wasn’t. We were not on the same path. I wanted travel, education, a less than provincial exsistence. I was more into books and he was more into eating fast food. He never wanted to do anything or go anywhere unless his brothers were in tow. His mother always wanted him close to home. I wanted him to pursue his talents in tech (he was like a savant when it came to electronics) but his mother just wanted him to be a delivery driver. I would compromise for the things I didn’t enjoy but he never did. We had lovely pets at the time too. But all in all We broke it off and went our separate ways.

The good memories stayed and I harbor no ill will towards him. I felt it truly wasnt meant to be. I was nerdy, he was homey, I was jetset, he was happily ubiquitous. Via Social Media he found me. He was twice married and has 2 kids. He keeps trying to get sexual with me. Bringing up our times together in a vulgar manner. He tells me he watches porn. He complains he works 60 hours a week. I tell him that its inappropirate and that I will not fault him memories but talking to me about them is neither here nor there. They dont mean anything to me anymore. I tell him to honor his wife. Their foster children (as he admitted they were from a family of addicts). I tell him you doing this to your wife will hurt their development even more and to PLEASE STOP. I want to block him. I want to tell him eff off with the pervert stuff and be mean. But he is friends with my family on social media. He tells them he misses them too. I tell him I dont want a relationship in any form (casual or otherwise) I like my life. I like myself without a guy. I’m happy and complete.

My problem is this. There is a part of me that wants to screen shot his stupid remarks and tell his family (mother/brothers) to talk to him. I dont want to do him dirt by telling his wife. If they break up.. its my fault right? its because i let him type this crap to me>?? Im stuck. If he breaks up he is gonna be chasing me AND I DONT WANT THAT. I want him to repair his relationship with his wife and STOP talking to me. How to i tell him eff off when I feel deep down inside he wants me to be the reason he starts to fight with his wife?

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  1. DiJune 6, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    so what if he chats with your family that does not mean you cant delete him from your facebook My sister has people on her friends list I don’t talk to and guess what IT DOESN’T BOTHER ME!!!

  2. OnceacheaterJune 6, 2018 at 8:41 am

    Don’t tell his family and don’t tell his wife. Family gossips and it will get back to her. You need to tell HIM that if he doesn’t stop your going to talk to his mom and save all his messages as proof. His wife probably already has the gut feeling that he’s got a wondering eye. People today are violent and dangerous. You don’t know what he may do to you if his wife divorces him and he blames you especially if you don’t have any interest in him. I worked as a correctional officer for 20 years in Max security inmates. A lot of them are in for murdering their spouse or mistress. Just block him if he doesn’t get the hint. I’m sure your not the only woman he is/ or has been chasing. For men most times it’s all about the thrill of the chase! Once they are intimate with you they vanish. Be safe and leave it alone. Don’t try and be the Moral police! It will blow up in your face!