Jack Forbes cheating coward from Brooklyn, NY

Jack Forbes cheating coward from Brooklyn, NY

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I’m embarrassed to admit this but Jack (the ugly dude in the pic) was my boyfriend of 5 years. Not only had he cheated on me with several girls while we were together, he was also having a long term affair with a girl from England. He met this girl a year ago when he went on a trip to Europe by himself. He hooked up with her and they decided to be in a long distance relationship. One day I got a text from a young woman who claimed that my boyfriend Jack had been with her for over a year, and that he has just spend a month with her in England. She said that Jack had obviously been lying to the both of us, and that they had unprotected sex. Instantly I knew this girl was telling the truth. He just came back from a month long trip. A trip he claimed was to visit his “relatives”. After calling the girl from England and talking to her for a good 15-20 minutes, there were 2 things I was absolutely sure of: This girl was screwed over, lied to, and hurt just as much as I was, and 2- my relationship with Jack was OVER. This coward had played with our feelings too much, for too long. After I got off the phone with her, I sent her a text thanking her, because she had opened my eyes, helped me dodge a bullet, and called Jack out for the lying piece of trash he is. I called Jack, calmly telling him I knew about his long term affair, and he finally admitted to the affair. He didn’t want us to break up. Luckily I actually have self esteem and cut off all ties with this sad excuse of a man/walking DRD. Remember: Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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