Jackie Brown Wesley Chapel, Florida


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I was married to my husband for 15 years, together for 19. 3 children, ages 12 to 17 and he raised my now 19 year old from a previous relationship. My story begins on July 3rd. A normal day, I flew out of Tampa and into Cleveland to see my daughter and my granddaughter. I spoke to my husband many times throughout that day. On July 4th, things seem to be just a little weird, he didn’t respond to my text as usual. We own our own business, so I figured he was just busy. As days went on we spoke on the phone and through text, not as much as usual again, but then once again I figured he was just too busy. I did speak to him on July 5th, and he actually cried on the phone and told me he missed me and couldn’t wait for me to come home. Scheduled day to come home was July 9th. Well on July 6th, he sent me a text and had said he was going to play cards, which was nothing out of the usual. After around 10 pm of him not answering my calls or text, I decided to track him. I located his phone in Homosassa so I called my oldest daughter (19) and asked if she knew where he was and she said he told her he was in Homosassa.. A camp ground. Who plays cards in a camp ground? Well my daughter let me in on a few things, she asked me if I knew a Jackie Brown? I said yes I do, she is the woman who is going to do our business taxes. She informed me that my husband helped her put a hitch on her truck because she was going camping. Hmm, this all seems to be coming together. When I was finally able to get a hold of my husband, he swore up and down that he was playing cards in a once a year tournament. He said Jackie was there also playing cards and he was not with her.

Needless to say, I changed my flight and came home on July 7th. He had no idea, I had arranged for my daughter to pick me up. When I got home he looked like a deer caught in headlights. Priceless. Although I knew all about her, she is known in the area for being a nasty whore! I found out that nasty bitch was in my house and actually conversed with my children! She knew all about me, she knew my husband was married, she is also married. Im sure her husband kicked her nasty ass out for being a whore. So anyways, by the 10th of July he got his shit and moved out. Took me weeks for him to admit to me that he was with her. I already knew, seeing she lived a block away and I and everyone we knew drove by and saw his truck there. But he tried to lie to me and tell me he just needs a break from me, he said too much work has him stressed.

Jackie Brown is known to be a bar whore, and surprisingly thats where she ran into him and pursued him. I guess he liked the idea of her spreading her legs to just about anyone. Gross! Thats not the man I knew! She and him have since moved into a place together a city away in Land o Lakes. She is nothing but a gold digging whore! Our business was a good one, it made good money and since this has happened, she has made him deny me of any money from our business. She has made my children suffer because of that. Men think of pussy as gold! And when the pussy talks, they listen and do what it says to do! Sick! I have had to seek employment making minimum wage because I quit my job once the business took off so that I could be a stay at home mom and wife. And now I dont make enough to care for my children. She has my husbands balls in her purse, so I heard someone tell him that. This bitch has even gone over my head and given my daughter (17) a car for Christmas. Old ugly one, but to a child they dont care. It has wheels. She is absolutely one of the nastiest whores Ive seen in a long time. She’s 45 years old with a boob job. I’m sorry, that is one disgusting mental picture.! And as you can see by the picture, that is one ugly ass woman.. Back on September 24th, I did something really stupid, but to me it was worth paying her back. He sent me a text early in the morning wanting me to come to his office and have sex, I did of course, just for the purpose of paying that bitch back. Disgusting I know. But what she has done to me and my family there is no limits to a payback. He also tried to get me to have sex with him again in October. I didn’t do it. Once was enough to get my revenge. At least in my head.. The funny thing about that is she doesn’t believe he cheated on her with me. She thinks she has the magical p**sy, and he wouldn’t do that.

This woman has destroyed my life! My husband told me that me and my children would always be taken care of. But this woman has completely taken every single dime from me and my children! They are both disgusting excuses for humans. Humans do not treat other humans this way. I believe in Karma and I am hoping she shows her true colors soon. I never thought in a million years that I could ever hate the man I thought he was. I sure as hell hate the man he has become! Liars! Cheaters! and Home wreckers! One day the tables will turn!!



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