Jackie Thomson St. Catharines home Wrecker

Jackie Thomson St. Catharines home Wrecker

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Have you met this s*x and crack w***e from St. Catharines, ON? Above is Jackie (Jacklyn) Thomson. This w***e love attention and will do just about anything to get it. Cruising around in her little white car or black whatever with the top down. After years I found 100’s nude photos of Jackie the sl00t on my man’s phone, videos on our computer and when I confronted her by phone she denied it then later said he asked her for the photos. This woman pretended for 20+ years to be my friend to sleep with my husband. She would come over to my home to see him while I was at work. She would tell me how she wanted my life. And she did about anything to get it. She slept with my husband at work, blew him at any chance she could get knowing our situation. She had full intentions of stepping into our home, being my husband’s new wife. I finally called her out after many years of her f*****g my husband and many others. She was told to leave us alone as we worked through our marital issues. My husband and I decided to reconcile. She would NOT leave him alone. Texts. Phone calls, messenger. She was asked repeatedly by myself and my husband to stop. A mistake was made, but she needed to leave us alone. I asked her repeatedly just to stay with her man of 11 years. Her family liked him, his family liked her, we liked him, we hung out. Around 3 years ago she put my husband down as her job reference. Mind you, they don’t even work together! She refused to leave us alone. She used our friendship to get to my husband, and used my husband to boost her career. My husband was at fault too, but she refused to leave us alone even as we were reconciling. We found out after through other friends and family of hers that she had been sleeping around for years on 11 yr bf. She was almost caught sleeping around so she dumped him before he caught the dirty s**t. We asked repeatedly for her to reconcile with 11 bf and just be happy! The poor guy. He doesn’t know how skanky she is yet, hopefully he doesn’t find out.. Oh…she dumped 11 year bf and had new men in a matter of 1 week. The front door opens and closes as many times as her legs do. If you or anyone you know might think she has been with your man or a man you know now or later, you may wanna suggest a DRD test, cause we figure she’s a carrier. You can always find her at the Ice dog game upstairs or her day job. Now the crack daughter, she has issues, large issues. I dont want to get into to many of her issues but drugs and s*x seem to be one of them. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. Thank you for your time and please tell men and boys to stay away from these *unts!

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