Jaclyn Fore Duncan, Oklahoma


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This wench is the reason I am no longer an Oklahoma resident, and no longer married. She is my ex-husband’s ex fiancé. He let her come around while I was pregnant with our son, and after I had him. 7 weeks after going through 12 hours of painful labor, he slept with her. Lied to me about it, and said that he only “stripped for her.”

A week or so later, he met with her before work (having told me there was an early morning meeting for a managerial position) and slept with her IN MY TRUCK.

He lied to me for 6 months before I finally grew the balls and left. It wasn’t until after I left that he finally told me, after he admitted it to everyone else ’cause apparently they’re more important than your wife, what he’d truly done.

Last time I knew, she still had photos up of my ex-husband (from when they were together) on her Facebook. Here is a link to her page.  She does this every time that he has a woman (according to many of his friends) and that he has never had the willpower to say no to her.

She outright lied to my face at one point saying that she knew what lines weren’t appropriate to cross as he was a “married man with a wife and a new baby.”

This she-devil used to drive her P.O.S. Mustang down a gravel road that was about 4 miles from any main road. My house was the only one on the road. Ain’t no god damned reason to be driving past my house at 10 at night. Sheriff was called to see what could be done about it. It turns out that the sheriff was one of her ex’s as well and was more than happy to tell her to f**k off.

There isn’t much more to tell. She’s a homewrecking ho.



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