Jacquelyn Brown– Jackie Brown

Jacquelyn Brown– Jackie Brown

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This is girl is a prime example of having no self-respect. She is painfully insecure, throwing herself at anyone who gives her a moment of attention.  She relentlessly pusued me knowing I have a long-term girlfriend. She called, texted and made herself available to me whenever, offering an arrangement where we could just have sex. I know that the blame lies with me for cheating but she didn’t give up. When I told her I was no longer interested in her after a very brief period of time and to go away, she failed to get the point and only further stalked me. She still calls, texts and tries to harass me.  She has no shame at all, showing up at places where she isn’t invited and trying to get my attention whenever and however possible. Beware of this pathetic psycho because she is the mistake that just wont go away.

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  1. DoItRightApril 8, 2019 at 9:38 am

    YOU created your own “monster”… Just because YOU decided to end it doesn’t mean she wanted too. She is actually pretty cute in a plain way.

    • TApril 11, 2019 at 8:17 pm

      Hey, I accept what I did wrong but I did nothing to her, only to my girlfriend who was innocent. I never made this psycho any promises. The whole thing went on for a few weeks at most and she knew it was never going anywhere. And when someone doesn’t want to end it, it’s ok for them to not leave you alone? Trust me, she’s nothing to look at, boring, dumb, fat and needy af . I’m pretty sure I’m the only dude who has ever paid attention to her in her life and it shows.