Jake Badger — Christchurch, New Zealand

Jake Badger — Christchurch, New Zealand

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Jake was a co-worker of my ex-fiancée. For 7 years me and my ex-fiancée loved each other so much until this gross guy Jake Badger was involved and had a affair with my ex-fiancée just months before our wedding. I scrambled across the relationship because for weeks my ex-fiancée had talked to me less than usual and was always on her phone chatting with a man on Facebook. When asked she said it was her colleague Jake, and I trusted their relationship as what she sweared, and she also told me that Jake the piece of rubbish knew that me and my ex-fiancée were going to be married in months and were living together for 7 years. And as what she said Jake also saw her as a close friend. Not so long from that I found that for everything we did my ex-fiancée told him in details and even sent him photos, so I decided to have a conversation with both of them. I added Jake on Facebook and thought if their relationship was true he would be able to become a friend of the family not only her. However, it was really weird that Jake sent a message to my ex-fiancée saying “he added me on Facebook”. Fortunately when the message was received her phone was right in front of me and I was able to see that message. Then I treated this seriously because it’s really weird when family member of a best friend added me on Facebook I need to ask “should I add this guy?” Then I talked to my ex-fiancée and she said to me it wasn’t like what I thought and talked to the rubbish and told him I wanted to chat with him about the thing. Jake replied “I deleted it”, so I knew there was something going on. After that me and my ex-fiancée was temporarily broken up because both of us needed time to figure out what we really wanted. And that’s when the thing became worse because the gross man asked if my ex-fiancée wanted to become his girlfriend straight after the broken-up. I’d say no one in the human world would do that and even you wanted someone’s fiancée like this, you’d at least wait until they really did break up. Since then Jake called my exfiancee honey, and made a gif of their kiss and sent as emoji in their chat. When my ex-fiancée went out with me for dinner, he even asked who my ex fiancée was with and when was told it was me, gross Jake replied he trusted my ex-fiancée and wasn’t worried. So wait a second, he wasn’t worried about me? Now me and my ex-fiancée have truely broken up because of that piece of shit. And as far as I know they are not together either. Just to share this in case anyone in Christchurch New Zealand met this gross guy Jake Badger and should be aware of the story behind him.

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