Jamie Board (Chapman) — Backseat Rider

Jamie Board (Chapman) — Backseat Rider

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I recently found out that my husband and this “woman” started a relationship a year after our first child was born, just over 2 years into our marriage. A couple months later we found out i was pregnant. We had just moved and were living with my in-laws until we could get our own place again, and i was going stir crazy because i had quit my job to stay at home with our child. Soon after, we moved into a rental house together and our second daughter was born about 4 months later. I was struggling with post partum depression, which i was keeping at bay because my mom was staying 5 days of the week to help me with the new baby. Nearly 5 months after our daughter was born, i find out my husband was cheating on me with this homewrecker. They would meet up in parking lots and have sex in their vehicles. She drove over an hour to see him when they would hook up. She used to work with him but went somewhere else and they continued their long distance relationship. She wanted him to be the father of her 2 children. She wanted to be his wife. “Maybe someday”,” blah blah blah. She is almost 40 years old, and still hasn’t learned proper morality. Some role model she is for her children.. If you knowingly sleep with a married man, you deserve a scarlett letter, and you deserve to be shamed and publicly humiliated.

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