Jamie Carey — Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Jamie Carey — Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

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This so called performance excellence supervisor and registered nurse from St Agnes Hospital in Fond Du Lac is a a cheap woman with no respect for others or herself, her name is JAMIE CAREY, she also sells her things at at shop in Fond Du Lac called Carousel Vintage. Jamie intervened my marriage after she INITIATED a NON-EXCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIP with my husband!!! And he is not the only one, she has slept with countless men in Fond Du Lac who are married and in relationships!!! She loves to break people’s relationships & a lot of people know it but dont say anything!!! She is clearly someone who also has psycho issues as one of her hobbies is to take her cat around in a stroller!!! This woman is a nurse who works with mental health patients but looks like she is in serious need of some help herself!!!! Jamie says she is a Christian and quotes the bible but she is an adulteress! Realistically she is one that lures men into her bed for sex and attention. She is so cheap!!!!

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