Jamie Folds — Gainesville, Florida

Jamie Folds — Gainesville, Florida

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Jamie Folds started chasing my husband in June apparently got him to have sex in may and had a 5 month affair while she paid for his time with her. She knew we were happily married and brought drama and infidelity to our 14 yr marriage. My husband dropped her once I found out and he explained how she is just trash that he made a mistake with cause she paid for his studio time and shows ect so a few hundred dollars made him finally cheat with her but she tryed to get him to leave me and our 4 children. When she contacted me my husband had already confessed and she only called cause he treated her as she is a drug addict that has to pay men to sleep with her. Then tryed to act like she a victim but she knew we are married and living a happy life so she chased bribed and tryed to get my husband to claim her stank self but he choose me his queen Over her. Don’t trust her don’t allow her to try to be friends she gets off trying to break up happy homes. Jamie folds is a disgusting home wrecker who everyone needs to know about her evil intentions.

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  1. HmmmOctober 8, 2018 at 3:30 am

    So your innocent husband is not responsible for being trapped and deduced by this woman? Whatever helps you sleep at night

  2. TommyGirlOctober 7, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    You are crazy. You keep saying you had a “happy” home. Obviously your idea of happy and your husbands is totally different. He was not happy. A happy man will not cheat on his wife. For 5 months this man chose her over you and look at you looking like a big dummy. If he loved you he would not have cheated. If he was happy he wouldn’t have cheated. He did all of this. You posted the wrong person. Post your husband. Give the ladies a heads up that he is married but he cheats.