Jamie Lynn France Lying,cheating,NARCACIST!

Jamie Lynn France Lying,cheating,NARCACIST!

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I got with my ex about 4 1/2 years ago. We were together for TWO WEEKS when she told me she was pregnant, she was “honest” with me and said that there was ONE other possible father that she had slept with before we started dating. I decided to stay by her side raise the baby as my own. (Wich I would do a million times over because my daughter is AMAZING) Everything was fine up until about a year and a half ago… she started being distant, distracted, way less effectionate. I would ask her if Everything was OK and if she was talking to anyone else. She would tell me I was being insecure and that there was NOTHING to worry about. That went on up until about 5 months ago… when out of the blue she told me she was not happy and wanted to split up. She said she wanted to figure out how to be happy by herself, that she didn’t want to move on, she didn’t want to talk to fuys,guys, didn’t want anyone else. I started talking to other women and was at the house one day and she seen a message come through from a woman and got all upset saying that she doesn’t talk to ANY guys and that she didn’t even want to that when men wrote her she just ignored them.. so I stopped talking to them becauseIthoughtshe wantedtofix our relationshipandheal our family. .I knew that something was going on and that she was not being honest. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago…. I got home after going to a funeral on Friday and went over to my old house to see my daughter and her mother. Her mom ditched her with the babysitter and was at a bar with another man. I’m not going to lie I kind of lost my shit. I went in and confronted her and told her friend that we had just had sex 2 days before that and we had been having sex regularly. She text me later telling me that the only reason she asked him to go out was because of “how i was acting ” I knew that there was A LOT more to the story and I knew if I wanted the truth I would have to do something drastic… I hacked into her fb account 🤦‍♂️ now I’m not usually the jealous type…. but I needed answers! Let me tell you…. the things I read on there made me want to puke 🤮 There was not only one other possible fathers to my daughter there were 4 others! She had been testing several men trying to find out the biological father. She had been cheating on me for the last year and a half with SEVERAL different men and had been selling herself on one of those “sugar daddy” web sites…. So for me choosing to stay by her side despite what everyone said about her (including her whole family, her dad was my boss at that time) and being a father to her baby, and working my a55 off to provide for them for years… she fuks around on me and then leaves me and ties blaming it on me and my children from a previous relationship. Instead of just being honest so I could move on she lied to me and strung me along while she was cheating with more men than I can count on my fingers! Then when I put her on blast for all this she went and put a restraining order on me saying that I’m violent and angry and I have guns 🙄 and now is trying to take my baby girl from me… after me raising her from birth until now. She has my last name for God’s sake…. I can understand her trying to hurt me and not caring but my daughter!? That I just can not fathom! I am all that little girl knows as a father and we are very very close… So she may have a pretty face… but her heart is ice cold and she doesn’t care who she hurts. She will find your biggest insecurity and use it against you! Jamie Lynn Drance, the lying, cheating, NARCACIST from Oregon 🤮

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