Jane Nicholas Helston Cornwall UK

Jane Nicholas Helston Cornwall UK

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Beware ladies if you ever see this piece of poor white trash in your neck of the woods. She will screw anything in trousers married, single, in a relationship they all the same to her. She doesn’t exactly charge for her services but asks for money to pay the rest she’s always behind with and for “presents” this is how she manages to get by, she doesn’t work. She lies through her teeth about everything and slows no remorse for deceiving people. She dumped one of her exs to go with a married man because he had more money (she thought) and accused the ex of assaulting her and damaging her property but when the case went to court it was thrown out for lack of evidence. She’s always very suspicious of anyone who contacts her by ‘phone because of the many wives and girlfriends she’s pissed off and the lies she’s told to so many people. She has to live in a fantasy world because she is such a pathetic failure, no husband but more than one failed marriage, no house of her own, no career, no achievements. She deliberately broke up a long lasting relationship. She knew about the relationship but did that stop her? Oh no, this poor excuse of a human being carried right on. She has no respect for the relationships of others and no consideration for the person she is involved already has a partner. She will continue to aggressively pursue a man with no regard for the feelings of family, wives or existing partners. She is dishonest, deceptive and morally corrupt. This conceited bitch always wants to be centre of attention from men. She’s 47+ now and the cracks are beginning to show her waist is thickening, she has no boobs to speak of, nicotine stained teeth and thin ratty hair (a style tip dearie head bands are for 8 year olds) She thinks she’s super sexy and super desirable but she only gets men because she’s cheap and easy. She wears skimpy, suggestive clothing and looks sh1t without make up. She can’t attract her own (single) man so instead she goes after married/taken men. She’s having an affair with a married man. She knew he was married right from the start, she was so determined to wreck the marriage she claimed to be engaged to him and posted it on FB not once but twice! Told the world he was separated from his wife for 20 years and was going to marry her. She was even planning the wedding date ALL LIES! Then the wife found out and the affair came to an end, she didn’t give up she friended his daughter on FB in an attempt to worm her way back in. What kind of deluded b1tch does this? Then she discovered he was on Twitter, so she joined and contacted him and the affair started again. What she doesn’t know is that her “prince” 70 year old grandfather bald as a coot and with only one eye is a serial cheater and she is only one in as long, long line of extra marital affairs. He lied to her when he said he was separated from his wife, hasn’t been separted from her for 20mins let alone 20 years. He’s never left his wife of 25 years plus, for any of his side-chicks because it would cost him too much. Once a cheater,always a cheater, she lies to him and he lies to her Now he is pursuing a new “princess” much younger, prettier and sexier than Jane. Guys too, if you see her hauling her old carcase around the streets of Helston avoid, avoid,, avoid unless you want to end up broke with an DRD and possibly a criminal record.

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