Jason David Frank A Married Power Ranger Gay Love Affair

Jason David Frank A Married Power Ranger Gay Love Affair

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im going to title💻 this like a Power Rangers 🔴🔵⚫💛💖💚Episode🖥😆😆😆😆😆i am only posting this story to get My Revenge 😈on an Ex Male Friend of Mine. This Guy is Married to Tammie Poor Woman doesn’t even know shes being cheated on by her so called husband😒🙃i met the green power ranger at a comic book convention a long time ago i interviewed him on camera a few times i gave him a gift to remember me by weeks after me and him met he wore my gift on national tv🎥🖥☺😊🙌🏻 a few months later i posted a photo as a joke that said Sometimes You Have to Block Your Girlfriend and Post Your Real Woman He wasn’t following me on instagram but i was following his instagram My instagram was public im assuming he saw my post and the next day mysteriously i was Blocked that little turd💩blocked me❌🚫🚮😠😡😤🖕🏻for no reason😒 i thought to myself what did i do to deserve such harsh rejection like that and i was just friends with him i was not trying to hit on him in any kind of way i came up with a plan to go meet him at another convention when i arrived he found out i was there he left the convention an hour early he told his security team and his publicist to come up with an excuse to tell me as to why he had to ditch me i paid a lot of money just for one day to get into that funky a55 convention he was scared to face me he couldn’t face me i only wanted to confront him to restore my friendship with him and make peace with him but you know what they say all good things must come to an end😩😩😩😩😩😩💔 i checked his social media he seemed to be doing fine he was acting completely normal His Publicist lied to me and told me that he had to leave early because he had a family emergency that he had to tend too Then when i left the convention that day i looked on his instagram and he Reposted a Gay Boy that had just gone viral and in his caption he wrote “This One can do all of this in Heels what’s your excuse” He Threw Shade at Me but He was Flirting at the gay boy he reposted leading up to the convention before he blocked me i posted a sexual photo of a guy giving a woman oral sex and in my caption i wrote “Can you do this Sunday for me when i see you” Yes Hes Married i was wrong for trying to Flirt at Him but that doesn’t justify what He did i was very pissed off that i paid all that money to get into that convention just to reconcile with him and then he flirts at another gay boy then that’s not all The Gay Punk saw that He was Reposted on His Page and the Gay Boy Responded in His Comments and the Gay Guy said “Thanks for Reposting Me” i was extremely angry this was the same day he stood me up at the convention not only that a week before this happened i wrote to him in his comment section and asked my male power ranger ex friend to follow me on my instagram he didn’t follow me but after he reposted this gay boy he followed the gay boy Now Ever since that Gay Guy told him in his comments “Thanks for Posting Me” My Ex Male Friend keeps saying “Thanks for the shirt” “Thanks for the Glasses” “Thanks Team” “Big Thanks” “Thanks” in the video he reposted of the gay guy the gay boy was using a gun as one of his props and now my ex male married friend is into guns all of a sudden 😒 That’s all my ex male friend says from now on in his instagram story is “Thanks for this” and “Thanks for that”🙄 Shut the Fck🤬Up all ready bro😤😠i feel like he trying to Flirt at the Guy guy by excessively saying that😒 i did this to get My Revenge😈 on Him for Blocking Me Several Times When i didn’t do His Cheating A55 Anything i hope🤞🏻and Pray🙏🏻 His Poor Wife💍Tammie Finds Out and Puts 2 and 2 Together She Probably being used as a Cover Up Anyway🙄Yeah i knew He was Married but i Never🙅🏿Ever tried to Flirt at Him or Approach Him for Sex and me and Him was just friends but i am no longet friends with him That Gay Boy Stole My Words He Stole My idea💡✍🏻📋📚to Get His 15 Minutes of Fame and He Stole My Power Ranger💚💔😠😡😤im going to Get Revenge on His Gay A55🤬also🔫⚰😈i hope 🤞🏻if he sees this the only reason i did this was to get vindicated and i feel justified i also feel betrayed by him so my days with being friend with him is over riot in hell 🖕🏻i hope🤞🏻His wife💍Divorce👨🏻‍⚖️His Down Low Ass🤢😷🤮 and leaves him🚘🚪🚶🏻‍♀️🧳✌🏻i know when you read thisyou probably thinking a Power Ranger really well i was friends with him and a lot of weird sh1t goes on in Hollywood Me and You Sir are No Longer Friends🖕🏻 

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