Jazmin Mutter Las Vegas, Nevada


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This little whore is the reason along with my sneaky husband for my current pain! This started back in August 2012 when he had to go for military duty. The crazy thing about all this is she’s a married woman herself!! Anyway, she was emailing and texting my husband every chance she got, there was even a secret email that was set up! Before I came to find out about the affair I had looked through the phone records and asked him about it, he said she was just a friend.  I didn’t buy it! So I called her and asked her about it and she played stupid! She made it seem like I was just a crazy jealous woman & besides she was married herself! She said that she had no interest in him and didn’t see him in the manner that I was thinking.

Fast-forward to May 2013, I came across the secret email and a picture of the whore with my dick husband in bed together!! I read emails about them two meeting up together and how I was a bad person and how her husband wasn’t a good man. They talked about wanting to get together and be HAPPY like they were when they met up! Of course this hurt me, I was at home waiting for him (faithful) and he was meeting up with her and flying her out, spending $$$ he doesn’t have and lying to me about all this! When I found out I went on a crazy woman rampage, I found her husband’s phone number and told him what was going on. She made him believe that I was a crazy ex-girlfriend who was making shit up! I think he believed her, Oh well he’s married to a slut and if she did it with my husband, I’m sure she won’t hesitate to be with anyone else when she’s away on military orders.

She has never replied to any of my emails or phone calls, I’m sure she knows that she’s a damn homewrecker not only to me but to her own and she has to live with that and the fact that she’s a whore!!



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