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JEB. BATTLE. You will never forget that name. He is notorious on Tinder, okcupid and POF. He is a liar cheater and the only thing he has going for him is his good looks. He is known as keysteele or sweetcryptokey. He is the most selfish, egotistical, narcissistic, deadbeat dad asshole you will ever meet. This is a warning for anyone who has come into contact with him or met him online. He’s a sneaky fuker and if you’re stupid you will get played too. He is with his current toy Winnie Fu. She’s dumb and rich. His perfect match. Her nickname is Winnie the fool. She was warned but she didn’t listen. He’s cheated on her numerous times. He had DRDs because he consistently cheats on everyone he dates. He gets bored and needs his ego stroked. He has no educationa. So he’s not bright. He’s a dim bulb that relies on his looks. He has no true friends. All his high school friends laugh at him and his foolishness. He’s 45 and acts like a 12 year old. He owes people money. He takes money and doesn’t pay it back. He can’t even get a credit card. His credit is so bad. He’s pathetic. Watch out for him You have been warned. Jeb battle, Toronto, Cheater, liar, DRDS  Winnie fu, okcupid, tinder, POF

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