Jenn Gable Homes she wrecked

Jenn Gable Homes she wrecked

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So, in July a group of us went to a concert. My best friend had invited a bunch of us and my boyfriend at the time Zane Mowers met them there. That’s when they met. Jenn and Zane. He hung around her all night, fed her bullsh1t lies that we only lived together, blah blah blah. After the concert they disappered for 40. Finally found the walking separately. They got split up and “lost”. Fast forward to December. Same friend different party- Jenn asks if Zane and I are going to be there. Friend says no. She tells her that Zane had out the moves on her at the concert and it would be awkward. Ok fine. Friend tells me this. I ask Jenn- she says that Zane hit on her and invited her over to OUR house to fck. I confront Zane- he has a pity party. Fast forward to March 16th- Zane gets a weird text message and deletes it right away. The name is not her name but something else. Look up the number in the iPad and guess what ?! ITS JENNS NUMBER !!! I ask him about it he says he’s not talking to her. Ok fine. I sent her a facebook message- asking if Zane has text her. Her husband finds the message and gets ahold of me. He is finally putting 2 and 2 together and so am I. For 8 months they were fuking on the side of the road once a week.

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