KID IN PICTURES — Jennefer Haddox — Town sloot

KID IN PICTURES — Jennefer Haddox — Town sloot

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This girl was from the neighborhood that we grew up in. She had a baby by a guy we hung around. She slept with all the guys in our neighborhood. I thought she moved away and boy was I wrong. She was my friend on Facebook about 7 years ago. But I noticed that she had unfriended me and blocked me from seeing her profile. Hmm? Why would she do that? Well for some crazy reason my husband of 22 years friended her and started talking to her. Well then for some strange reason he started staying at his friends that he worked with and lived close to his job. Well that’s what he told me. And I trusted him. He had never given me a reason to doubt him. Well he started staying out more nights a week. And he would always say he was staying at a friend’s because they’d been drinking and he passed out. Well I started going out a couple nights a week with my friends too. But I was close to home and I always answered my phone. For some reason he would always turn his off or say the battery ran out. Well one day my mom calls me and said that she had seen some girl had posted something and she had tagged my husband in it. My mom said at first she didn’t think nothing about it but than she couldn’t find it in her news feed. I said what did it say? Well my mom said” I can’t wait to see my boo tonight”. And then my husbands name. Ok? Well Mom do you remember the girls name? She said well i think it was jennefer? But I can’t remember the last name. Ok. Well I looked at all my friends on Facebook and I noticed that for some odd reason Jennefer Haddox had unfriended me? I thought to myself I wonder why. Well I confronted my husband one day and I told him I know your lying to me and seeing someone. And he denies it of course. And he asked who I thought he was cheating with. I told him Jennefer Haddox. And he kinda laughed and just changed the subject. Well a few more months went by and I finally got him to admit that he had been having an affair. And I asked him “well what’s her name?” And he says you already know who it is. I was in shock at first and he said it’s Jennefer Haddox. Well I was irrate about him making me look like such a good. So I messaged her and started asking her questions about what had been going on. She told me so much stuff that has been going on. Well he told her we were separated and getting a divorce. And so many other lies. But what he didn’t know was when he would come home to our house she was going out with other guys and cheating on him. Then I found out who a couple of the guys were and I told my husband and he was so mad. But she was seeing another one of our married friends. Well it has taken me 7 years to get her out of our lives. But he has broken something in my heart that I just can’t get past. 6 months ago she moved to Ohio and then her mother died and so she stayed in Ohio because her sister lives there. But i still think he talks to her. She’s a homewrecker and she’s not happy unless she’s destroying someone else’s marriage.

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