Jennie Haney – Centre, Alabama

Jennie Haney – Centre, Alabama

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Jennie Haney, Currently Married to Kevin Haney, previously married to Lance Mcculough, gets around. When Jennie was married to Lance she had multiple affairs, including affairs with married men. There was a video of Jennie circulating at one point that had three men running the train on her. She had sex with her cousin’s ex husband Alan Benefield, Charlie Lee and Chris Andrews that all lived under the same roof at the time. Her husband Lance caught her several times doing this. These men were all old enough to be her father. She invited one of the men’s wife into her home and introduced herself as the man’s niece. Jennie has no shame in her game. She has been in and out of mental institutions her whole life. She got strung out on Meth and traded sex for a place to stay and for drugs. Her current husband has no idea about her past. She hasn’t been honest with him so when she talks to these men, he thinks they are just her family. Ladies, beware, she has no boundaries

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  1. The Truth FairyApril 13, 2019 at 9:21 am

    The psychology behind this behavior is depression, low self esteem and insecurity. Females like her go for older men because men her age are not interested in her. Old men make her feel validated.
    She has never felt worthy of more than being used. When she gets older and her daughter is a teenager she will realize how these men exploited her and used her instead of being a mentor she needed. If she was strung out on pills, homeless and jobless, she was very vulnerable and these men knew that and took advantage of it. In a good world, this man that knew her as a child would have helped her instead of used her for a place to land. Hopefully she will grow up and realize the wrong she has done an apologize to those she hurt while she was hurting. It doesn’t make what she did right. She needs to face what she has done and make it right. She has hurt a lot of people and she should be at their mercy. Instead of being defensive when confronted she should be woman enough to apologize. Instead of trying to hide from her past she needs to face it and recover from it, otherwise she will never heal and become better. I see a very damaged insecure girl here. I know everyone sees a drug addict slore and that is true but a very damaged little girl lies beneath. She jumped into marriage with her current husband and barely knew him. She is co dependent and that is another characteristic of a drug addict. She is looking for happiness every where besides with in her self. Whatever happened to her as a child has damaged her and she can’t do better until she knows better.

  2. JesusApril 13, 2019 at 4:29 am

    She’s hot! And sounds like she’s way more fun than OP, who just sounds like a jealous trifling beeyatch

    • The realJuly 2, 2019 at 7:52 pm

      Lol you call that fun? You call sleeping with married men, trading sex for drugs and never standing on your own two feet fun?
      Excuse me but I hope I am never fun. Trifling beyaach? I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say her but I am going to assume you are calling someone a b1tch? Which sound exactly what Jennie would say. These men that used her didnt see her as fun either. They just needed an escape from reality and someone like her was easy. They didnt and still dont respect her. They said she had mental issues and regret everything they did and wished they had never touched her.
      I wonder how fun her husband would think it is to know she lied to him about one of these men? She lied and told him one of the men was her family. The same sh1t she told the wife.
      She isn’t fun, she is sick and needs therapy. Fortunately her daughter’s Dad has an amazing family and takes care of her daughter