Jennifer Bailey Colorado Springs, Colorado

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I first met this home wrecker when I was 8 months pregnant my ex and the father of my child we were hanging out at his friend wades warehouse they met on Backpage. She seemed okay but I really don’t like her because she was a prostitute and she was hanging out with my man didn’t really fit too well with me.

Fast forward to 3 months after I had our daughter I was going through real deep depression and we started having a lot of problems so he started staying out late and hang out with his friends a lot little did I know that this girl was with them . I started getting strange phone calls from friends and family letting me know that they saw Anthony around town with Jennifer they were holding hands coupled up kissing doing all the stuff that he wasn’t doing with me. I didn’t believe anyone because he was telling me that nothing was going on this girl is just a friend. Then October rolls around our middle child turns 3.  Shortly after our daughter’s birthday party he takes the homewrecker to Florida with him and his friend. She’s out there prostitute for him and giving him money and all kinds of crap. I found out and I flipped out I kicked him out I stop talking to him for a good month and a half and then I decided that we work it out for the sake of our kids and because I still love him . We get back together everything seems to be ok going okay but he still texting this girl! We wouldn’t touch each other and then he goes to prison on a parole violation.

A good friend of mine decided that it was time that I knew because she got tired of me not getting the truth so she decided to sit down and tell me everything .I confronted him with the news that I have received on a phone call and he told me that when he came home he would talk about it.  He told me how he had feelings for the girl and he cared about her that he loved her as a friend and and basically that he was in love with me he wanted to be with me and only me and he would give his life to change the mistake. Little did I know he was still texting her she was still showing up at his moms house and the day that I found out about all this this girl pulled a knife on him and threatened to kill him, called the cops on him, supposedly all kinds of stuff because he didn’t want to be with her she wanted to come home to me.  After she showed up at his moms house and pulled that stunt I decided that it was time that I went through his phone again. I go to respond I see text messages from her to him and him to her I love you I miss you you’re in my life right to come back into my life yada, yada, yada .I confronted him a second time and he got angry and took all his stuff back to his mother’s house which I was okay with it but I’m not okay with the fact that this girl is nasty little girl who is 30 by the way! She has ripped my family apart and from what I saw and what I read she started it!

He’s just as guilty but she started it and he took the bait. But it gets better! I was at his moms this past Saturday and I was helping her with her house and I go downstairs and I look in his Prison box and I find the letters from her, the pictures and everything that he lied about saying that she never contacted him while he was in prison . I fly off the handle yet again and told him that I don’t want him he’s nothing to me but a lying piece of trash and if you want to be with a prostitute who has 4 kids only takes care of one of them doesn’t have a place to live!  She is living in hotel room so goe along with her if you want somebody like that go be with her because I’m worth so much more! I take great care of our kids if you want to know who she is her name is Nikki on Backpage! If I knew how to post a link I would she is disgusting and a disgrace to mankind I don’t understand how you can lay on your back pay for somebody else’s crap but you have nothing to show for it! You have nothing for your kids, your husband that doesn’t want you and has moved on and is happy with somebody else and you have to come and ruin my home!

She’s not all the blame he is too and I hope karma slaps them both with a big ass! Karma is a bitch and they’re going to get it! So ladies watch for men because once Jen comes around and starts spinning the lies and breaking down the barriers and finding all your flaws your man probably will fall for her! Men can’t be stolen, little boys can and I found that out thanks again! I’ve gotten rid of a few problem I think her in a way because now he’s her problem! I don’t have to worry about it anymore and I can move on with my life and find somebody who wants to be with me full heartedly! I feel sorry for her daughter because of this is what she has to look up to. That little girl is headed for the same future her mom is. Jail.



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