Jennifer Fendley Salter — Pensacola, Florida

Jennifer Fendley Salter — Pensacola, Florida

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My dad has been cheating on my mom & accusing her of cheating but she didn’t! We went to visit my sick grandma, no show… my sister’s graduation party… he couldn’t be bothered to attend. He finally decided to let me visit after not bothering with me for over 4 months then when I visited him he paraded his HOMEWRECKER Jennifer Fendley Salter in front of me and they even slept together during my visit. Sad because when we left he was sleeping with my mom… less then a week later he had moved in with her, after they both trashed the home I live in ☹️

He stopped supporting us because my mother reported that Jennifer gave me smokes, weed, & wine. This man who said I was the most important thing in his life should defend his child, instead he called me a liar & defends that woman & screamed at me on my birthday for telling the truth about his drug-addicted girlfriend Jennifer Fendley Salter. Total homewrecker & deadbeat. Grateful for an amazing hardworking mother. He never deserved a woman like my mom. I included a message that proves she gave me smokes… what kind of a woman needs a child as a friend? A maniacal lying cheat one… they make a perfect couple.

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  1. Zoli how could youMay 21, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    I was going to contact you personally however after I saw the phone call with your daughter on her birthday and the way you raged at her when she reported the abuses of the you’re now shacked up with I decided this was the best for him since I’m certain you both check it
    You let you wife get raped instead of giving her counseling you gave her opiates and a Jeep remember we had this discussion in my home because of the sores on her head I now come to find out he blamed it on a disease her mother had and told her there was nothing that could be done about it you’re as low as a person can guess
    The only thing lower is subjecting your wife to your home Wrecking whore then allowing that same disgusting woman to give her drugs alcohol and cigarettes and when your child revealed this to you you screamed at her in defense of a woman who obviously has a history of abusing children
    I know many women like her I called in my clients manipulative and addicted High infant mortality rate along with many special needs children looks like you’re getting your karma already
    Remember the conversation we had at my home I said I wouldn’t say anything but after hearing things from both your wife and your child I’m letting everybody know what you have done
    The only thing that is worse than what you’ve done to your wife is what you’ve done to your child I’ve had many talks with her and it broke my heart when she said to me I’ve learned not to expect much from her father that’s your legacy because these children are amazing and that’s because there are nothing like you

  2. Legendary liarMay 19, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    Met some friends out tonight couldn’t believe what I saw this woman finally being shown for her true self apparently she still married yet sleeping with another woman’s husband that double wide trailer in Milton Florida I guess it’s true what they say then prefer whores
    Jennifer Fendley Salter has hurt money with her lies especially a decent man cuz she fell asleep accused of Date Rape and put him and his family and those who love him through hell so glad you’re being shown for your true self and it’s disgusting keep your husbands boyfriends and children away from this addicted child abuser

  3. Message to cheating husbandMay 18, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    It appears you fell for the damsel in distress act you even went as far as to file order of protection with that cheating whore Jennifer Fendley Salter.There are a few things you should know as I was in your wifes position not that long ago. She is a deceitful woman and has alway been wanted a MD her tactics involve finding out that there is difficulty in a MD’s marriage then is a sympathetic ear and spills lies about her life and how she is struggling you become her savior, sound familiar? She then insists you devote all your time and resources to her, keeping you from responsibilities telling you that you aren’t being hard enough on your wife, any of this ringing any bells? When that doesn’t work she acts afraid saying your ex is threatening her in my case she claimed I was stalking her, I was not. My husband quickly came to his senses and we are working out the devestation this woman caused. The grass is always greener and marriage takes work especially easy to abandon all when you feel unappreciated by a spouse which happens after many years of marriage. I just thought i would warn you this woman is evil.

  4. WowMay 16, 2018 at 2:31 am

    I always had respect for Zoltan Erdos MD until I found out he sold out to this disgusting woman Jennifer Fendley Salter
    Did you ask her why she was forced to resign her position at Gentiva? for inappropriate behavior i.e. relations with married physicians like you…l thought you were better than that Dr. Erdos
    She creates drama with her lies no matter where she works and you decent this drug addict/lush not your child not your wife!!!! Wow
    Everyone in the medical community knows about her which is why she went into real estate OMG
    I suggest you reasearc your mistress Zoltan Erdos MD and pray you can get back the integrity you lost because of the child abusing drug addicted train wreck you abandoned your beautiful wife and family for
    Loo at what she did to her children and you allowed her to be near yur own child so she could give her drugs and cigarettes wow just wow

  5. Former EmployeeMay 9, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    Zoltan Erdos MDwas my employer for many years his wife worked there often beyond office hours & he barely showed up treated her with disregard and kept his office together until she could not longer take the hours yet she still assisted me from home he was constantly cancelled days I had enough
    Not surprised he was kicked out of his prior office I suspect he abused medicine he had me call in for his wife and the disgusting woman Jennifer Fendley Salter would come to office just to flirt with him knowing his wife is in front office working just sick to find she slept with him in her bed is beyond disgusting
    I personally saw text messages where he refused to support his family Because of this disgusting homewrecker is beyond me he gave up a perfect family for a disgusting woman with no morals who damaged her family and his
    After reading about her Zoltan Erdos MD should run from her but he will have nothing the best he could do is this elf sized woman who is overweight now and aged beyond her years
    Just sorry he became a victim to a low life like her
    He was a decade man before that witch

  6. Zoltan Erdos MDMay 8, 2018 at 11:49 pm

    I just found this about Zoltan Erdos MD he cheated on his wife while she was away with a disgusting woman Jennifer Fendley Salter I saw her vehicle overnight at his home that he shared with his wife a black Nissan Rogue many nights only recently did I realize that while his wife was away he shacked up with this woman in a double wide trailer in Milton Florida
    His wife came to ask not to report her to city for lawn being overgrown as her mother just died & he has refused support since December 2017
    This woman has been through hell because of Zoltan Erdos MD
    He supports his child abusing mistress Jennifer Fendley Salter not his family he has allowed his family to live in substandard condition to support ameth head who killed infant daughter & disabled her son it’s to disgusting to comprehend his pool is a health hazard & his estranged wife is doing her best considering what he has done not to mention the loss of her mother whom she can’t even discuss with out breaking down
    This MD drugged his wife with Rx and allowed her to be assaulted & blamed HER what kind of a person does this
    I’m not easily tricked this woman’s pain is real her strength is beyond a normal person would be able to handle I have seen what this man has done it’s disgusting

  7. finally exposedApril 30, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    Finally the truth about Jennifer Fendley Salter
    I was a long time friends with Jennifer Fendley Salter until falsely claimed date rape on a good friend because he wasn’t interested in a loose girl like her that was her revenge on him for not liking her
    She would destroy girls with her spiteful lie and always got away with it. She brags about being Spring Fling queen/court, she spent many hours on her knees or her back to attain that title
    She does not care who she lies to she has always gotten away with her lies and slanderous statements
    I am happy to see someone standing up to this lifelong bully
    Be very careful she is a hateful liar and will stop at nothing to destroy others and lying was her method and apparently it still is
    As sad as her children’s issues are since she was known to be partier (sex, drugs, & alcohol) that I wasn’t surprised that she did this to them
    To say she was raised in the finest family in Andalusia is a over exaggeration. That family is know for being liars and horrible gossips, they aren’t even close to a decent family, white trash is better than this family.
    I smoked weed with Jennifer Fendley Salter and her father in my late teens so it is very easy to believe she smoked with a child usually adults outgrow this behavior, she should be arrested for this!
    I hope this cheating husband realizes Jen has a lifelong STD and should be aware of this. from a married professor she slept with at Troy. Now she knows who I am
    A message to the disgraceful husband who cheated on his wife and left his child with this woman you have been taken for a ride by a evil liar I learned my lesson you will to but it seems you have lost the love and respect of your own child for a trashy hateful woman, who will cry and play the victim threaten suicide to keep you from digging for the truth. Does it sound familiar?
    Jennifer Fendley Salter does nothing to help others unless she is looking for a photo opportunity or to enhance her resume she has a selfish and ulterior motives. The only reason she became a social worker was because if clients tried to complain and/or tell the truth about her authorities would believe the social worker over the clients she would care for she shouldn’t be around vulnerable people

  8. anonymousApril 19, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    This woman #jenniferfendlysalter gave a 14-year-old child cigarettes marijuana and alcohol yet #ApriaHomeHealthcare In Pensacola hired this woman to be around people in need when she abuses children and goes after married physicians this is sad this woman is a horrible person and shouldn’t be allowed around people in need or other women’s husbands she’s really a homewrecker

  9. anonymousApril 18, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    you’re a wh**e how could you

  10. Only childMarch 28, 2018 at 12:35 am

    My father told me to appoligize to a woman who gave his 14 year old daughter illegal substances
    So here it is I’m sorry Jennifer Fendley Salter your behavior is ciminal you know better

  11. Not surprisedFebruary 8, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Why am I not surprised to see this about Jennifer Salter? I still can’t figure out what happened to her children but if this is true and she did this to a child, what does that mean about her?

    • Only childMarch 21, 2018 at 12:35 am

      It’s all true my mom reported this woman to police and then a social worker came to my house & she was charged with 2 complaints of domestic violence from my father Zoltan Erdos MD and Jennifer Fendley Salter for reporting that this homewrecker gave me illegal substances
      My mom is working so hard just to feed us & keep our home since my father stopped any form of support since the beginning of December & he did not pay house payment since October of 2016
      Yet she finds a way, showing me I come from a strong woman while dealing with the loss of her own mother
      I am proud of my mother & hurt & embarrassed by my father
      I’m sick of people saying she is pretending to be me on this site sadly it seems the only way my dad will answer me is when defending this child abusing homewrecker