Jennifer Gregg-Martin – Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Jennifer Gregg-Martin – Okmulgee, Oklahoma

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Jennifer has a missing leg. She plays off nice guys, tells them she loves them, moves in their house, doesnt do anytjing but drink and smoke. Cheats and lies. Beware of the snake

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  1. Wonder womanJune 22, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Ya know…I have to say this is pretty comical seeing myself on this. Especially bc someone who posted this doesn’t have their facts straight. If you’re going to talk shit on someone please do your research!!! To me this is just funny!! Especially bc I have only been in Okmulgee for a lil’ over a year!! We know exactly who posted this!! And they’re trash!! And where I live, is with My roommate who is dating my sister!! So grow up people!! Some are getting carried away with this. I had a homewrecker take off with my husband. And she worked for him, was suppose to be my friend, and this ALL happened with the 2 of them while I was in a coma and hanging onto life by a thread. It’s called karma. They will BOTH get theirs. I don’t dig games at all. But then again, you would swear that some adults STILL act like their in middle school.