Jennifer Sue Linares — Elk Grove, California

Jennifer Sue Linares — Elk Grove, California

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This piece of trash is Jennifer Linares, also known as Jenny Linares or Jennifer Kelly. She’s STILL married to Matthew Kelly despite having been separated for years and cheating on each other constantly. She is a home wreaker who likes to find attached men and latches onto them like a parasite. After successfully helping to break up one couple she quickly moved onto his friend, my husband. During the months of June and July of 2015 she had an affair with my husband of 6 years. We have a 3 year old son together. She knew this and didn’t care. She was also carrying on another affair with an attached man at the same time! This pathetic cow has time to play softball, stay up all night drinking and smoking, and carry on affairs with attached men, but can’t seem to find the time to get a real job that pays well enough to get her own house and actually be a parent to her two girls so she’s not some loser in her 30s still living with Mommy. That’s right, this 33 year old “woman” still lives with her mom, who takes care of her girls while she’s out whoring around, following men like some sad puppy begging for any scrap of attention she can get. During those months she told people who warned her away from him that he needed somebody to talk to about his problems. Apparently that also included the need to send him naked pictures of her pulling up her dress and pulling down her panties while she was at work. I’ve got to give her credit for really going for it. She gave him a blowjob after he had been working all day in 100+ summer heat wearing long pants and a paint suit over his uniform without air conditioning in an auto body shop. She must love sucking sweat marinated, unwashed dick. And then she had sex with him. In the backseat of a truck. At an auto body shop. Because she’s classy like that. Later she took him out to a friend’s house in Rio Linda to have sex. It’s completely not surprising at all that she knows people in Rio Linda since they are so well known for being wholesome and upstanding and not revolting, cheap, or trashy. She did what she did not caring about the consequences. That that man had a wife and child at home. I’m going to have to live with this betrayal publicly forever, and now she will too. This is just to let everybody know what a truly disgusting piece of white trash she is.

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