Jenny Kim — Korean Slore preys upon married Army soldier

Jenny Kim — Korean Slore preys upon married Army soldier

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This devious conniving slore works multiple barber shops / massage parlors surrounding Fort Bragg NC, since this is the perfect new arena for her haggard “ridden hard and put away wet” drd ridden sloot a55 to have a new pool of married military men to lure them into sex-hookups w/ her to satisfy their tired & predictable “Asian fetish” to cheat on their faithful wives at home, and pay her off with jewelry, expensive meals and trips and other luxuries while they abandon their wives, kids and real marital & legal obligations of financial support and keeping their marital vows holy by resisting evil slores like Jenny Kim. She has gone by at least 3+ aliases during her past 15+ years living outside other major military posts, such as Colorado Springs, Annapolis, Honolulu, and now Fort Bragg to have continuous “johns” to service as the slore she has always been and to be kept immorally showered in luxuries by married men with military salaries and benefits. She has tricked and trapped at least 3 other men into marrying her by falsely claiming she was pregnant and pressuring them to desert their wives, soley to gain access to their assets and then getting a quickie divorce and large dollar settlement from all of them, as the predatory slore grifter she really is, despite her “Me love you long time, G.I.” fake demure initial demeanor. She has now thus been having sex with my husband of 12 years together (two beautiful kids, girl age 9 & son age 8) while fully knowing HE is married, for more than 4+ months, which began when he was attending a training course there but visiting us every other weekend. She lured them in by first massaging scalps of these men who are of course horny because they are there at Bragg in a short term travel / training status & thus unable to see their wives. She then offers them “free shoulder and neck” massage at her “barbershop “ front for floozy, in a side room, private and behind a curtain. Thus, she freely gives these happy endings to dozens of soldiers per day, then arranges for full-on sex w/ them in exchange for jewelry, access to use of their credit cards for expensive restaurant meals, trips together, iPhones, and other luxuries. My husband has thus totally and abruptly abandoned myself and our 2 kids, giving me not a dime in support for these past 4+ months while he sneaks around committing adultery with this Slore despite being reprimanded and disciplined by his Command. All of our marital funds in our joint accounts were drained by my husband overnight and prior to me discovering his adultery on my own. All this money my husband has now spent on our this slore and spoiling her slooty a55 while we 3 starve, are homeless now due to my husband defaulting on our mortgage, abandoned and destitute. I have been unable to get assistance for my kids and I from the military since then, as punishment for me reporting my husband for adultery and numerous domestic violence incidents against the kids and I.

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