Jessica QiQi Kong is a cheater and slore by nature!

Jessica QiQi Kong is a cheater and slore by nature!

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This woman is 24 year old and she is about 5ft 3. She works for bank [REDACTED] in New York. This rat lives in midtown Manhattan. She is what you would consider the public toilet. She has absolutely no morals, no values, toxic, party girl and extremely disgusting. She only likes men that belong to other woman, especially married men. She loves sending naked photos and videos to married men to seduce them. I have all the texts and photos evidence. She has been sleeping with many married men for years. Meanwhile she is also married and using her poor husband to get her green card. She claims to be abused by her husband to make men feel sorry for her. She has lied, cheated and destroyed marriage and there were kid involved! She likes to do porn with married men and use it for masturbating. She would bang married men in a public restroom of the bar, in the car, even trying to have sex at the shopping mall fitting room anywhere with anyone as long as they are married and much older. She constantly meet older guy to have sex at hotels and even at her mom’s apartment. Her morals are so damn low she didn’t mind parading her much older man in front of her mom even though she’s already married. She had men treated her like a princess, buying her luxury stuff, such as LV bags, Apple products, and expensive jewelry etc. She doesn’t give a sh1t if children are involved or how it will destroy a happy family, as long as she gets what she wants. She is just a disgusting sl00t by nature!! She needs to be exposed!!

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