Jessica Vosler — Carter Lake, Iowa

Jessica Vosler — Carter Lake, Iowa

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Jessica Volser is married with 3 children under the age of 8. She wasn’t even born when we married. My husband is older than her dad. She moved in with her dad (chief of police) a week after I left to take care of my dying sister. They started texting each other privately along with playing volleyball, softball, and hanging out with her parents. After my husband visited me and my sister she texted him to come over. He went and this started their physical affair. In a 23 day period they were together 19 times. When I came home to help my husband she and her kids would walk into our house with out knocking. If my husband was outside her kids would go up running to him calling his name. She would ask our son if his dad was coming out to go swimming. She initiated every encounter with my husband. She would text him to come over and many times he did not. Her husband knew right away when I approached him. To this day she still denies their 2 month affair. She goes to the bars and drives home after she has been drinking and that is when she would text my husband to come over.

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  1. WonderwomanMarch 28, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    First it would of never happened if the wife was home and the sexual misfit never moved in next door, per the husband. The wife was gone taking care of her dying sister (Husband and Jessica cold hearted people!). Jessica was easy and right next door. She offered a blow job on her fathers porch. The husband with high and drink and said sure. No effort had to be made on his part but walk next door. The husband was her dads friend, no hers. He had a drug and heavy drinking problem. He is now with his wife 24/7 so yes he does love his wife and is willing to do what it takes. He has also stopped drinking and off the pain pills. Sorry your facts about the husband is wrong. He love his wife and regrets the hurt he has caused to his wif and family. Unlike Jessica, she has already had one boyfriend move in, be included in her child’s life, then kicked him out after 5 months. Sad….

  2. WonderwomanMarch 28, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    First it wouldn’t of happened if the wife was home and Jessica wasn’t easy. What woman in her right mind asks a married man if he wants a blow job in her Dads poarch while he is highly messed up? He was her dads friend, not hers. Those 19 times don’t mean they were together sexually it was playing on coed church softball and volleyball.Yes he went but he was also taking pain pills and drinking heavily. He was never with her sober. He loves his wife but with his health issues Jessica knew he was an easy target. He is with his wife 24/7’making it up to her no time for a new affair. He doesn’t want to throw away 30+’years of marriage away for someone that meant nothing to him and never did. He called it off as soon as his wife found out and has nothing to do with her or her family. She couldn’t even give him a good time. She sucked…He went with her but she couldn’t even get him off. That is how bad she is. Never problems with his wife. Please explain that one?!

  3. JewlesMarch 20, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    If she was calling your husband he was obviously coming. 19 times in 23 days. Stop making excuses for your husbands actions. He obviously doesnt love or respect you. I bet he has done found another to cheat with. He just knows you are a cheaper to keep her kinda wife. Post the real homewrecker. The man that doesn’t love you. Your husband.