Jessica Wecker — Norfolk, Nebraska

Jessica Wecker — Norfolk, Nebraska

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This is Jessica Wecker Her previous relationship failed so she decided she was going to pry her way back into her ex’s life. Her ex that she had cheated on and left for another man… So her ex moved on. Found a faithful loyal woman and was a month from having his first child with her… But this “woman” decided to rip him away from a life of a family. She doesn’t care for his happiness only her own. Which who knows what outcome will be in future. But what are the odds they work? Or did she just give him false hope once again so she can break his heart and leave… And he’s left with guilt of losing the woman he once loved who mothers his first child. All because of a selfish HomeWrecker who couldn’t stand to see him with someone else.

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  1. Jenna J McClearyMarch 6, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Sad to see there are so many homewreckers in this world. Jenna J McCleary used to be my friend; however, she is definitely not the person she claims to be. She also tore apart a family and marriage just for her own happiness knowing the man she was after was married and recently had his third baby with his wife. Who does that? Not someone with good morals or respect. On top of that she is going to school to become a teacher! She also cheated on her boyfriend of 4 years, at the time and never told him. I have lost all respect for her, as she is not someone you want to be friends or associated with. I feel horrible for this family that she tore apart for her own selfishness just because she has low self esteem and thinks that this is the only way to be happy by hurting others and tearing apart those poor kid’s life! What a horrible role model!