Jill Marie Yaraks Homely Woman Pursues Married Men Through Work

Jill Marie Yaraks Homely Woman Pursues Married Men Through Work

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Jill Marie Yaraks is an ugly troll who tries to lure men into relationships with her through titillating work related conversation. She met my husband through her job as a lighting rep for Smarrrt Lighttting in Atlanta. She started mixing invitations for drinks and other enticements in amongst work related emails. Ironically the job project where they met was a church! I would not want someone like her working for my company, because she gives them a very bad name, is unprofessional and gives smart lighting a negative association. Because she is so unattractive, she played the pitiful card bemoaning all her family drama trying to elicit sympathy from a man who like to “fix” problems. When I found them out she was trying to convince my husband to get rid of me because she didn’t want to “share”. These two deceiving adulterers took advantage of me being away, while caring for my mother who has pancreatic cancer, to have their rendezvous. Jill Yaraks has been involved with at least one other married man, someone whom she knew from high school and reconnected with through Facebook. She got involved with this man while she was supposedly trying to save her own marriage. I know this because she shared the details with my husband who confessed it to me through a series of conversations to try to save our marriage. If it is inaccurate, she lied to my husband. Jill knew all the techniques, which she taught my husband, to try to avoid detection so it makes sense that she has done this before. I caught my husband red handed communicating with her on his phone in front of our kids and everything. If I hadn’t caught him red handed I might never have because she taught him to carefully delete and immediately empty the trash any communication between them. I was able to print out his cell phone history from the service provider which told me the extent to which they had been involved. They talked on the phone for as much as 4 hours per day, and rendezvoused when I was out of town to see my dying mother. I was also able to restore some of the emails from the server. Not only did this hideous old hag try to steal my husband and break up my four children’s home, she waddled her short, fat, ugly butt into the station and tried to get me in trouble with the Douglasville Georgia authorities. So not only is she a conniving seductress, she is a belligerent about it when caught. She uses her professional connections to try to establish a relationship with a married man then tried to get him to leave his wife for her. She was married for a short time. Her other name is Jill Stegall. She doesn’t have a Facebook page, in my opinion because she is a homewrecker and also in my opinion because the other woman/women whose homes she has damaged would not be kind if they came across her.

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