Jody (Linkous) Jensen — Las Vegas, Nevada

Jody (Linkous) Jensen — Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jody’s behavior towards my family was once as a principled LDS mother, friend and middle school science teacher, but can’t be bothered to atone for the pain she caused my family. She had an affair with another teachers husband for the better part of a decade. How she handled the exit was deplorable, causing great pain and anguish to so many people she lied to behind their backs. She frequently posted publicly about her “lover” on forums such as City Data and IDMF, this is common knowledge on the internet. Shes a stalker: She created alt accounts when the affair was terminated many times over the years, but no action by her affair partner was taken on this intrusion. She was given the opportunity to make amends and atone for her behavior with me and my family, but she made a choice not to. Be careful with her wayward, wandering ways (her IDMF tag is fittingly “wanderer”) Before you make muse-ic with a hamartia like her. You might want to consider how confused she has behaved in the past. She never kept her promises to anyone who cared about her, never could be bothered to apologize for what she did. She hurts people with no regard for anyone’s feelings.

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