Joel Porter Johnson — Spineless coward backstabbing piece of sh1t.

Joel Porter Johnson — Spineless coward backstabbing piece of sh1t.

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So I’ve been with my wife for ten years. For five years I’ve loved this piece of human sh1t like a brother, he followed me around like a puppy dog, needed to be told what to do in life every step of the way. I had to bail this fuking loser out more times than I can count. Never really pulled his weight but I had hopes for his potential. So how does this ass hat fuk boy thank me? He hooks up with my fuking wife! And now he wants to be with her. Well buddy there’s no happy ending for you. He’s also an alcoholic that lives in a parking lot. He’s got a real itch for pain pills too. He’s a real fuking winner. Left his own father in the ECU because he didn’t want to deal with his problems.

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