Joseph Gleed — Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Gleed — Salt Lake City, Utah

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This guy Joseph Gleed is sick and twisted, he cheated on his first wife of 16 years with surprise!!! His step sister! She was underage, and that was only the first offense, he then cheated on her with another married Student and got her pregnant, then fathered another child, then he proceeded to leave his wife and 4 kids for this other woman, then he and that wife were swingers, and surprise that relationship didn’t last. He would break her face and beat the sh*t out of her while training other women to defend themselves. This sicko has quite the rap sheet of domestic violence and DUIs then on his 3rd marriage he preyed in a young woman and continued to verbaly, physically and mentally abusive to her and then had an affair with yet ANOTHER student. Low and behold that student was married and her husband told the then wife of Joseph that he had HPV and she should get checked…luckily she came out clean, can’t say the same for Joseph and his lover who now are together and disgustingly spreading their disease. Be aware of this one and Brittany Badger.

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  1. DoItRightOctober 8, 2018 at 10:23 am

    Showing how his hand will be when he unzips and pulls the tall guys dick out… Proof he’s a jackoff !
    The hand is a bit blurry in the photo, wait till he has a hold of that giants dick, WHOA BABY !